Sexual Abuse Recovery

As a young therapist, I worked for seven years in the field focusing on the many concerns of children who had been sexually, physically and emotionally abused.  Much of my professional experience with children comes from my work with the Department of Children & Family Services and the Santa Monica Hospital RapeTreatment Center, specifically their school-based program.  I later went on to work with adults who had been abused as children or who were sexually violated later in life. 

The impact of this kind of trauma on a person’s life is far-reaching and effects most, if not all, areas of their development, for example, their ability to esteem themselves and to trust others.  Many struggle with depression and/or anxiety.  Some have even attempted or considered suicide.


These individuals may try to assuage their fears and stop their painful or destructive thoughts through drugs, alcohol, sex or isolation.  Sometimes they become workaholics or perfectionists.  Despite what has happened to them, they can learn to overcome these experiences and become survivors who thrive, rather than victims who are doomed to failure, hurt, disappointment or further abuse.

I work to reduce the effects of abuse in the lives of these individuals by helping them develop healthier ways to see the world and themselves.  My desire is to assist clients in creating or enhancing the ways that they calm and protect themselves, and teach them skills with which to live proactively.  This includes helping them assert themselves in relationships, at their jobs and in the world, in effective ways.  I use traditional talk therapy as well as behavior modification techniques, such as relaxation exercises, journaling and art therapy, to assist clients in overcoming trauma and creating a more positive, healthier and fulfilling life.    

“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”   - Audre Lorde